Discover Profitable Previously Off-market Development Sites in Seconds Customized to your Exact Criteria.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or a first timer, Development Scout will save you substantial time searching for development sites and enable you to determine the most profitable approach.

More Profitablemag

Development Scout identifies all developable opportunities, not just those currently for sale. This may save you thousands as you’re not competing against other buyers and paying at or above market value.

Properties may also be acquired under a delayed settlement, potentially saving you thousands in interest.

Controlling off market properties also allows you to conduct due diligence in your time frame.

MoreaccurateMore Accurate

Whether you’re considering developing a splitter, land subdivision, multi unit development, small commercial or industrial. Development Scout will take the challenge out of finding the right site to develop.

Development Scout is an online platform that searches 10.2 million properties to find potential development sites in only seconds. Using up-to-date land records, sales data and planning scheme zoning data sourced from government agencies, you can quickly identify a list of sites that meet your criteria.

save-timeSaves hundreds of hours with…

Instead of spending hours driving the streets trying to find large developable blocks, searching council websites for zoning maps or sifting through real estate web sites, sophisticated mapping tools allow you to visualize opportunities and potential issues affecting a site.

Save time by avoiding potential site visits, with property frontage images and tools to measure site attributes.

MapSearchMap Search

Because property development involves real estate, why not search from a map? Now you can. Focus on the features that effect the success of your development, by overlaying zoning maps, property boundaries, aerial photos, shopping centres, railway stations, bus stops, schools, hospitals, employment hubs and freeways.

Development Scout is the most comprehensive mapping database of every property in the country.

quickSearchQuick Search

Never miss another opportunity.

Quick search displays all properties matching your specific development criteria, not just those for sale. For the first time, you can now search by a combination of suburb, zoning and area range!
Now you can find all the developable sites within your suburb, for your next residential, commercial or industrial project.

mercWhy Develop?

Based on new data from the 2011 Census, there was a cumulative shortfall of 284,000 dwellings in Australia. With such a shortfall why not develop? You may acquire properties “at wholesale”, make large development profits, achieve better rental returns and take advantage of tax benefits.

Acquiring high quality properties with built in capital growth also helps you build your property portfolio faster.

DrilldowndeeperDrill Down Deeper

From the map you can select any property and open detailed sales information, past listing and rental history, streetview, title searches, map easements and contours.

You can also export property information to use in your own software.

PropertyResearchProperty Research

It’s often said you make your profit when you buy. Development Scout provides accurate property information to thoroughly research a property’s history.

Get all the facts on an individual property before buying, including historical sold, advertised and rental prices. View the street frontage in Streetview, order title searches and export critical information.

Create a list of recent sales within a specific distance from the site, to determine if you’re paying above or below the market. See who owns the property and who’s lodging planning applications surrounding the property, to get a strong understanding of the competition.

WhyuseZoningdataWhy use Zoning data?

Zoning is controlled by your local government authority, and its purpose is to prescribe exactly what the land can and can’t be used for.

To find out what may be developed you need to assess council’s planning policies for their preferred outcomes. For example areas near shopping centres and public transport may sometimes benefit from higher densities, so you may choose to develop town-houses, apartments or group dwellings. Local councils often modify or change zoning that’s why it pays to keep informed of any changes. But if you don’t have the time you can use our current zoning data sourced from Government agencies. *Restrictions apply in some states.

HowcanIavoidsiteinspectionsHow can I avoid site inspections?

Use our measurement tool to determine how you can maximize a property and save hours without having to do site inspections.

Measure the distance of a property’s street frontage, boundary setbacks, significant trees or proposed driveways, sewer, power, drainage etc.

HowMuchLandisDevelopableHow much land is developable?

Now it’s possible to sketch out the proposed developments’ footprint allowing for setbacks, driveways and private open space, as required by the council planning scheme.

The Area tool allows you to calculate a site’s useable space, site coverage, house, roads, sheds etc.

WillitSellWill it Sell?

People buy or rent in good locations, where there is transport, access to employment and facilities.

Development Scout displays shopping centres, railway stations, bus stops, schools, hospitals, employment hubs and
freeways, vital to buyers and tenants.

Using the ‘Points of Interest’ layer and measurement tool, you can measure the distance to all local infrastructure from your site, to support your development application and make the project more marketable.

My-PropertiesMy Properties

Track the progress of a property by adding notes and saving it to your personal favorites list.

Update any additional information about the site by opening it from your favorites.

market-researchMarket Research

Gather a thorough understanding of the market, to understand who is going to buy the finished product. Assess what the market wants in your locality and what type of property would sell or lease well.

Run reports to see what type of dwellings have sold and which have not, with past listing history. Identify the total number of property transactions for similar developments, to measure the depth of market and potential demand for your product.

Calculate your project’s price points and conduct competitive analysis on developers in your area, by searching for properties by owners name and recent sales of individual sites.

You can also view recent development applications surrounding your site and run the latest suburb growth statistics, demographics, median sales prices and number of sales.

mobileMobile Access

Available on iPhone, iPad & Android.

Search for individual property information, recent sales, properties for sale or rent and generate suburb growth charts.