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Forget complicated, high-risk investing strategies. Just 
follow a simple, safe, and proven formula of a property 

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In this Program you’ll discover:

  • The secret to controlling million dollar properties using as little as $1,000 (using strategies that are win/win and indefensible by even the most stubborn and sceptical sellers)
  • How to joint venture with Mark to create solid quick cash
  • The type of strategy that allows you to make “cash” without putting a cent of your own money into the deal
  • How to instantly tell if you’ve found a deal worth pursuing
  • A recently released software tool used to find development sites in seconds. (Hint: you don’t need to leave your lounge room)
  • How to potentially make huge chunks of cash by “grooming” deals for large property development groups who are hungry for stock
  • Do this and you could get an entire plot of land for free (simple, negotiation strategy that’s almost impossible to say no to, yet is worth hundreds of thousands)

About Mark Rolton

  • Became a millionaire by age 30
  • Went from $430,000 in debt to earning a staggering $1.066 
    Million in 34 days
  • Australia’s #1 Property Options expert for over 20 years
  • Has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, 
    Anthony Robbins, Richard Branson, and a host of other 
    respected leaders…
  • Has taught thousands of students how to grow wealth through 
  • An ironman tri-athlete, adventure racer, and avid helicopter 


Picture this

You own 10 investment properties debt free. All the mortgages have been paid off. Every month, you make tens of thousands of dollars of passive income from these properties.

You no longer have to work a single day. You go on exotic holidays several times a year. You have more time for your family and loved ones. And you’re living the lifestyle of your dreams.

Amazing, isn’t it?

The question is, how can you own 10 properties debt free? Well, believe it or not, it’s easier than you’d imagine. And you can do it, even if you have very little or no money to invest… even if you have no assets or equity… and even if you have reached your borrowing limit.

All you need to do is follow a simple, step-by-step investing formula.

How I went from $430,000 in debt to Earning $1.108-million in 34 Days

Hi, my name is Mark Rolton.

A few years ago, I was a victim of embezzlement. Not only did I lose everything, but worse, I found myself owing $430,000 to the tax office and other creditors.

I was forced to work as a window cleaner, so I could earn a few more bucks to pay off my debt. But, as you might imagine, it’d take forever to pay off nearly half-a-million debt by washing windows.

I felt trapped and helpless. I had no idea how I could possibly dig myself out of this huge debt hole.

One day, as luck would have it, a friend called me. He was a developer. He asked me if I knew anyone who wanted to buy six blocks of land. Out of politeness, I said I would keep an eye out. But I didn’t think I would find anyone.

A few days later, a financial planner called me. During the call, he mentioned in passing that he was looking for six blocks of land to buy.

Bingo. Instantly I recognised it was a profit opportunity for me. So I rang a solicitor to find out the best way to structure a deal, so I could profit from connecting the two parties. And the result? I pocketed $42,000 from the deal.

Seeing what’s possible, I decided to try the same strategy on a bigger deal. Very quickly, I found a large development deal, and I simply repeated the same process. Result? I made a whopping $1.066 million out of this deal.

Together with the first deal…

I made a total of $1.108 Million in Just 34 Days!

Since then, I’ve used this same strategy over and over again … and have made millions of dollars.

However, although I was making a lot of money using that strategy, I didn’t feel secure. Because I felt that my wealth wasn’t properly protected. And I could easily lose it, if a tragedy happened.

I figured the safest way to build wealth and keep it was to own a property portfolio debt free. So I decided to create a simple system to acquire properties and pay off the mortgages quickly – but without scrimping or sacrificing the quality of my lifestyle.

Over the years, this system has been working very well for me. More importantly, I’ve shown this system to 1000’s of everyday ‘mum and dad’ investors. And it has been proven to work very well for them, too.

Today, more and more investors are seeking my investing advice. What’s more, I’ve been frequently invited to speak at high-priced wealth-building events.

I have also shared the stage with Richard BransonAnthony Robbins,Donald Trump, and Robert Kiyosaki.


In the Rapid Wealth Home Study Course, you’ll discover a simple and proven system to create fast cash

This paint-by-numbers system is perhaps the easiest, safest and surest way to grow your wealth. And own a multimillion-dollar property portfolio – debt free.

You won’t need to risk your life’s savings or invest in speculative deals. You won’t lose sleep at night, worrying if your at risk. And you won’t need to worry if the system will work for you, or if it’s too complicated for you.

This is a simple system that has been proven to work for many property investors, regardless of their background and experience. So it can work for you, too.

And I’m going to reveal to you the entire system, step-by-step, in the Rapid Wealth Home Study Course.


Why you should attend
Positive Cashflow 
Property Seminar

  • If you want own 10 properties in 10 years debt free, then this 
    is the event you dont’t want to miss out.
  • If you want to earn a 6- to 7-figure passive income from 
    property, then this event is for you.
  • If you can’t get bank finance to buy more properties, then be 
    sure to attend this event.
  • If you want to know how to invest in property with little or no 
    money down, then this event will be eye-opening for you.
  • If you want a simple, safe, and proven system to build wealth 
    through property, then this event is a must-attend for you.

You’ll also discover:
A little-known property secret of Donald Trump

This is the property secret billionaires like Donald Trump use to control billions of dollars’ worth of real estate with very little money down. Plus…

  • Without funding required for settlement
  • Without credit checks
  • Without tenant worries or costly repairs, and…
  • Without mortgage repayments

Until now, only a small group of highly successful investors know this property secret. But the good news is, I’m going to reveal to you this secret in complete detail at Positive Cashflow Property Seminar. I will show you, step-by-step, how use this secret to create massive wealth safely … and fast-track your success.

Amazing True Story of How a 72 Year Old Found This Backyard, Sent the Owner a Letter and Made $159,983 Cash in Just 6 Months

…and for the first time ever, became debt-free!


One balmy Thursday night in, Don was doing research on Google Earth when he stumbled across the 1012 square metre block you can see above.

To most people that image wouldn’t mean much.

But Don had learnt a secret.

He wasn’t sure if it was possible, because very few people had ever heard of it. But after stewing on it for a while, he decided to try it out for himself.

So the next day he mailed a letter to the owner.

The letter was just one page.

It used simple words.

What was in the letter? Right now, that’s not important. What is important is that… miraculously the owner called back.

Don was flawed, speechless. He stumbled for words.

But by following the system he had recently discovered, he was able to arrange a meeting.

And following this meeting, he not only helped the owner sell their property for much more than they were asking for…

He Picked Up a $159,983 
“Chunk-of-Cash” for Himself

No wonder he’s smiling. The best part about all this, according to Don, is it only took a few hours of research, the deal was completed in 6 months and they both the owner and himself made a profit with minimal risk. What’s more, for the first time in his life, he was debt-free.

Watch Don and myself discuss at length how this deal happened and why it’s the most effective way to transact real estate if you want to make big chunks of cash fast.

So what did Don know that you don’t?

Not much.

In fact, he learnt it in a very short period of time, and…

Opportunities Like This are Everywhere

Believe it or not, every day you probably drive past several of them without even realising it:

  • on your way to work
  • while you’re picking up your kids
  • dropping them off at football training or gymnastics.

So how exactly does it work? Let’s open up Google Earth and take a look at…

A Typical Suburb in Australia: Melbourne


Compare This With a Typical Suburb in Europe: London


Take a minute to really stop and take a close look at both of the photos above.

Have you done that? Good.

Can you see how tiny the plot sizes are in Europe, compared to Australia?

There’s a vast difference, isn’t there? And like it or hate it, the Australian Government is a business and we’re heading in this exact same direction. Population growth has skyrocketed over recent years, and it’s set to escalate even more. Just look at this chart from the Australian Bureau of Statistics…


With this in mind, Governments across the country have worked out that if we crank up the densities and compress the population into a small area, we save not a few bucks, not a few million… but billions upon billions of dollars.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that by sub-dividing the blocks, they can also get several lots of rates from the same piece of land. Truth is, it’s already started to happen…

According to Professor Tony Hall, an urban design expert from Griffith University who holds a postgraduate diploma in town planning: “Where houses once covered about 20 percent of a block, up to a maximum of 40 percent, today they start at about 40 percent and rise as high as 70 percent, regardless of block size.” Many understandably don’t like this change, but it’s happening whether we like it or not and…

This Presents a Short Window of Opportunity for Quickly Creating Large Chunks of Cash

This is The Exact Approach Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Sir John Templeton Have Used to Help Amass Their Fortunes

It doesn’t matter if you want to slice up backyards in your home town, or set up “big league” deals which allow you to amass rapid wealth with minimal risk.

In fact, it’s so powerful I predict many, many thousands of people will be too sceptical to attend the “Property Options Turn Key System” event I’m holding in October and November which walks you through how I do it and how the students I’ve taught have been able to do it as well.

Why? For the following five reasons…

  • Reason #1: You’re sold on the fact you need money and a good credit rating to invest in property. If so, this is not for you.

  • Reason #2: Your mind is snapped shut to the belief property investing is a high risk venture. If so, this is not for you.

  • Reason #3: You simply can’t fathom the thought of controlling millions of dollars worth of property with just a few thousand dollars down. If so, this is not for you.

  • Reason #4: You’re convinced you need to hold onto your properties for long periods of time to get the best return or buy at just the right time in the cycle. If so, this is not for you.

  • Reason #5: You can’t believe you can buy a property without bank finance, money for a deposit, cash-flow or paying stamp duty, legals, mortgage fees and other buying costs… again. If so, this is not for you.

But before you close your mind to this opportunity, I want you to consider the dangers of following the herd. Here are the facts…

82.6% of Aussies in Australia end up on a Government Assistance Plan or Even Worse, Assistance from a Family Member

Is that really a surprise? The odds are stacked against us…

We’re the fifth highest taxed nation in the world, and we are trying to survive on crumbs to support our future 15, 25, 30 years from now.

Throw Negative Gearing into the Mix and it Gets Even Worse

Why? Because you’re deliberately making a loss for potential capital growth in the future. Your lifestyle gets squeezed now, and with money being sucked out of your account each month, it stunts your ability to buy more properties.

And what happens when things go wrong?

For instance, throughout the GFC, some property markets across the country, like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and other coastal and regional areas dropped by over 20%. Many Australians ended up in a position where they were shelling out money every week for a property that was worth less than they purchased it for.

I don’t care if you’ve got 30 years, 20 years, 10 years, 5 years or even 1 to 3 years to create your retirement nest egg. I can show you the fastest, lowest risk way to do it.

Yes, you’re probably thinking it’s possible for them but not for you. But…

Even if You’ve Never Purchased a Single Property in Your Life Before… You CAN Do This!

It doesn’t matter if you are an old hand at property investing or just starting out, because…

  • You don’t need experience in property.
  • You don’t need excessive talent.
  • You don’t need a blinding IQ.
  • You don’t need large cash reserves.

If anyone is living proof of this, it’s me.

When I Was 22, I was Looking Square in the Face of Bankruptcy


Here I am, sharing the stage with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, sharing my story of how I discovered this brand-new unique system that is changing the way real estate investing is conducted in this country…

I had a $430,000.00 debt hanging over my head, (and that was back in 1999 when you could buy four houses for that amount) was living in a 52 square metre unit, driving a very, very old Toyota Camry and cleaning windows for $10.60 an hour.

Yes, I was at rock bottom. And the 3 questions I kept asking myself weren’t helping:

  • Why me?
  • Why now?
  • Why am I always broke?

I realised very quickly I couldn’t keep asking “why?” and needed to start asking “how.” So while I was cleaning windows 12 hours a day, I just kept asking myself how, how, how…

  • How do I get back on my feet?
  • How do I make some money fast?
  • How do I repay this debt?
  • How do I make $430,000 cash in the shortest window of time?

And then…

One Day, While I Was Cleaning Windows in a Korean Restaurant, I Received a “Call Out of the Blue”

At least that’s how I think about it when I reflect back on this moment in time. It was from a very successful land developer called Brian. He knew I’d previously been in the building game, so he called me and said:

“Mark, my bankers have given me an ultimatum and I’ve got to sell six blocks of land. Do you know anyone who wants to buy six blocks of land at a discount? I’ve got to shift them immediately or they’re going to wind me up in 24 hours.”

“They’re flat, they’re ready to build on. They’re 500 square metre blocks. They’re across the road from a shopping centre for goodness sakes. And they’re worth $155,000 a block if not more in the open market.”

I knew if Brian said they were a good deal, they would be. This guy has integrity. Before he hung up the phone, he left me with this little zinger:

“Mark, I’ll take for them what they owe me. They owe me $130,000 for each block. If you hear of anyone give me a call, and then literally hung up the phone.”

I didn’t think anything more of it, until I received…

The Second “Out of the Blue Call”

The next morning, while I’m cleaning windows, the telephone rings again and it’s a fairly sophisticated financial planner called Stuart. Once in a while, Stuart gets hold of property and then recommends it as an investment product. Anyway, he gets on the phone and says:

“Listen, my business is going nuts. All these clients are coming in on Saturday morning, but I’ve got nothing to recommend them. With all your contacts in the building world, I thought I’d give you a call. Do you happen to know anyone with some blocks of land?”

My mouth dropped as I stood there with my phone in one hand and a squeegee in the other. I replied:

“Stewy, as a matter of fact I know where there’s six blocks of dirt. They’re flat. They’re ready to build on. They’re across the road from a shopping centre and according to Brian they’re worth $155,000 per block in the open market. Tell me what do you think you can afford to pay for them? What do you reckon they’re worth?”

There was a long pause on the phone. He’s tapping away on the calculator. He picks up the phone and says:

“Mark, I could probably pay up to $137,000 a block that’ll be it.”

I said…

“Stewy it’s a deal.”

Following this, I called a solicitor with this embarrassing introduction:

“Excuse me Paul, I’ve been given your details by a mutual friend. I know nothing about property. I’m a builder. I swing a hammer for a living, but I’ve got a situation where I’ve got a willing seller at $130,000 per block. I’ve got someone as a willing buyer that wants to buy them for $137,000 a block. How do I make a difference in between?”

He showed me a little-known technique the rich have used for years. And by using this simple formula I was able to make $7,000.00 profit per block. That’s right…

I Made $42,000.00 in One Day

I had never dreamt of making that sort of fast money before that. It wasn’t a line of credit. It wasn’t a wage that comes to you every week… it was a $42,000 lump sum of money.

I thought: Holy smokes, what else can I do with this?

So I looked at every single deal you can imagine and I slowly discovered that even though the average person never hears about this strategy, the rich use this tool every day to control millions of dollars worth of property with just a few thousand dollars down. And the best part is there’s…

  • No funding required for settlement
  • No credit checks
  • No repairs or tenants, and…
  • No mortgage repayments

For instance, let’s take a look at…

How Trump Made $38 Million With One Deal

In his book, The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump revealed that back in 1996 he was in $900 million worth of debt. But fast forward from 1996 to 2014, and today the guy is worth a staggering $7.4 billion… even after the GFC.

How did he do it, starting with no money?

He actually came across a very interesting opportunity in New York City, approached the owner and asked him if he was interested in selling the property.

The old guy said he needed $62 million, so Trump replied…

“I’ll give you even more than the market says it’s worth in exchange for time”

And he signed off for the deal for $70 million in 18 months’ time, with the right – but not the obligation – to purchase (so if everything goes pear shaped, he doesn’t have to cough up the cash).

During this period, Trump gets a development process for 682 rooms, and on sells it to a group called the Hyatt Hotel Chain for $108 million… collecting a $38 million profit. And here’s the best part…

  • Trump never had to settle and become the physical owner of the title.
  • Trump never had to service a monthly loan to the banks.
  • Trump never had to pay capital gains tax.
  • Trump never had to pay a big deposit.
  • Trump never had to impress a bank.

And Neither Do You Or I

Anyway, I decided I would follow in Trump’s footsteps. One day, while I was at a café, I grabbed a napkin and wrote down this four step process…

  • Step #1: Use research tools to find the right property.
  • Step #2: Put $1,000 down to get control of the property.
  • Step #3: Get approvals from the council.
  • Step #4: And then onsell the property.

Then I followed it. And within 34 days of securing the deal on a property I found, I “onsold” it to a very large developer, cashing a cheque for hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit. That’s right, via this strategy…

I Turned $1,000 into Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Cash Within 34 Days

I walked into the bank to cash the cheque, filled out the deposit slip, slid the cheque and deposit slip under the glass and put the lady who served me into a state of shock. She looked up like this…


She looks at the cheque, looks at the deposit slip. Looks at the cheque. Looks at the deposit slip. Looks at me. Looks back at the cheque, and then holds it to the light. Then she says:

“Business Must be Good”

That was one of the most remarkable moments in my life. But it didn’t even compare to the conversation I had with my mum a couple of weeks later.

To put this into context, my mum got divorced when I was just 13 and had to work in a second hand furniture centre seven days a week.

She never complained once as she put us kids through public school. There were never any holidays, no flash toys. We lived in a really, really, really rough part of town.

I said: Mum, guess what happened two and a half weeks ago?

She said: What’s that?

I replied: I banked a tonne of cash. If I told you how much, you wouldn’t believe me. Mum, you and I will never struggle again.

She just looked at me with a blank stare, and had tears started rolling down her face.

That was, to me, a very, very powerful moment. So that afternoon I went home and thought to myself…

I will help thousands of Aussies to help them get out of the rat race using this exact strategy…

Ever since then I’ve made this my mission. I don’t think it’s fair for these strategies to be reserved just for the rich, so I began to condense my knowledge into a system and prove ANYONE can do this. In fact, if you can bring me the right deal…

I’ll Joint-Venture With You & Shoulder All the Risk

I’m not talking big land subdivisions of 500 or 2,000 blocks of land. I’m talking simple stuff that you can I can chisel off and really make strong profits from… perhaps 10, 15, 30 unit development sites.

So if you can bring these deals to the table…

  • I’ll show you how we do it,
  • I’ll help you negotiate,
  • I’ll fund it,
  • … & we can both profit from these deals together.

Are you starting to see the potential here? Would you like to learn how my simple system works, so you can get out of the rat race faster than you ever imagined? Then I urge you to learn…….

How to Create Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars (and Potentially Millions) Fast via Backyards & Larger Subdivisions Without A Deposit, Without Servicing Loans From Banks, & Without Paying Capital Gains Tax…

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn

  • The secret to controlling million dollar properties using as little as $1,000 (using strategies that are win/win and indefensible by even the most stubborn and sceptical sellers)
  • How to get professional property consultants – including your solicitor – to waive their upfront fee
  • A simple way to tell if the real estate market is about to soar (hint: when this indicator drops like a rock, it’s GOOD NEWS)
  • Two different types of deals you can strike (choose between quick cash now or a lump sum later. When to choose which)
  • The type of strategy that allows you to make “quick cash” without putting a cent of your own money into the deal
  • How to instantly tell if you’ve found a deal worth pursuing
  • A recently released software tool used to find development sites in seconds Hint: you don’t need to leave your lounge room and can uncover every developable site)
  • How to potentially make huge chunks of cash by “grooming” deals for large property development groups who are hungry for stock
  • Do this and you could get an entire plot of land for free (simple, negotiation strategy that’s almost impossible to say no to, yet is worth hundreds of thousands)

And that’s just a small “taste” of what’s in store for you. I cannot stress how powerful these strategies are or how quickly they can transform your life. Let me make you one small promise:

Give me a few hours.

Complete the Property Options Turn Key System

You’ll never be the same again.

How can I be so certain? Because I’ve condensed all my best secrets from over 17 years doing countless deals into one power-packed session, where you’re also going to discover…

  • Demographics: How to identify the upcoming needs of a local community, and cash in handsomely by becoming the supplier of those needs
  • How to get your plans approved by council every time (I have NEVER been knocked back to date, simply because I know how the system works, back to front. I’ll show you how to get your plans to breeze through council by avoiding the most common reasons development approvals derail and how to fix them fast ;-)
  • Why looking for great deals in real estate windows simply doesn’t work (and which resources to use to find the sort of deals you’re looking for)
  • Why you should never, ever, ever use just one agency to sell your property
  • Why I sometimes pay more for a property than it’s worth, and sell it for WAY less than retail (believe it or not, you can collect VERY handsome profits using this approach, with almost no resistance from buyers or sellers)
  • A simple “paperwork twist” that instantly boosts the value of your property
  • Why you should never try and push a prospective buyer (use my anti-sell approach instead, and you’ll have people fighting to sign the contract)
  • Exactly what to ask when people reply to your letters (this’ll weed out the tyre-kickers and find out who’s serious, fast)
  • Why your Smart Phone is one of the best tools you can use in the selling process (& how to use it to, counter intuitively, to make your prospect quickly feel comfortable)
  • The best time to get potential buyers to come and see your property
  • Plus, an insiders-only tip that will allow you to…

Ethically Save Yourself $12,000 or More in Agent’s Commissions

The agents will hate this, but it works a treat. It’s a huge money saver, and like all of the strategies I’ll be sharing with you, it’s proven and tested. Listen, I know this stuff works because I do it or help others do it every day. I don’t just talk about it like some self acclaimed gurus out there. I ACTUALLY WALK THE TALK. I’m not going to kid you or waste your time. If something doesn’t work, I won’t be putting it in the course. So rest assured, every one of these little strategies work, including…

  • Never do this with the council. Never (doing so will squash your chances of getting a deal approved)
  • Why the person selling their home is ALWAYS better off (it’s win, win, win… you win, the buyer or developer wins, and the seller wins)
  • Low, Middle or high end? Find out the best section of the property market to target
  • The exact question to ask to ensure you never miss a DA
  • The 5 sectors of real estate where the biggest opportunities are in the next decade (you won’t have considered most of these and that’s why there’s such big opportunities available. Plus, the “Michael Jordan” secret of how to approach this to get maximum results in minimum time)
  • How to know what the “sweet spot” is when putting an offer across to a seller
  • The popular real estate area I would almost never enter
  • How to joint venture with me to potentially make hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) with virtually zero risk
  • The paperwork mistake which could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars (easy to fix, once you know how)
  • The exact system I use which…

Makes it Almost Impossible for the Council to Say No To a DA Approval

I’ll show you how it works so the members of the council become your best friend, because you’re helping them get what they want. What’s more, I’ll reveal how to find sellers of the properties you are after with…

  • The mailing system for finding “backyard sellers” who are only too keen to do business with you (and why wouldn’t they, you’re offering them way more than they could get if they put it on the market)
  • Which properties you should sell yourself (and which ones to handball over to an agent (make sure you don’t hand over easy-cash to a real estate agent when you could slam-dunk the sale and save yourself thousands)
  • Got a backyard and want to pay off your home in 6 years instead of 25? Try this easy to implement solution.
  • Why it does NOT take big money to make the big money of a developer (yes, you can make millions upon millions of dollars just like them. But I’ll show you the traps to watch out for, so you do it with minimal risk and don’t end up broke and holding the bag. Simple mistakes that are easy to avoid)
  • How to set yourself up so the banks WANT to lend you money (and something you need to know about banks that they’re unlikely to EVER reveal)
  • A simple way to get thousands of eyeballs on your property without using an agent
  • 3 professionals other than agents who can help you sell your property

And there’s more. A lot more. In fact, I could go on for another 20 pages… but if I haven’t convinced you that “Property Options Turn Key System”  is a must by now, I never will.

Believe me; I know how good this sounds. To make huge profits from a property you don’t actually own seems too good to be true. You might have been conditioned to think it’s not morally right to make money so quickly. But you’re being paid for two reasons: added value & convenience. Think about it…


If This is Unethical, So are the Cafes Who Sell You Glasses of Orange Juice for $4

Think about it: the reality is you could have made yourself thousands of orange juices for the same price, simply by going to Bunnings and getting your hands on a packet with hundreds of orange seeds inside…

So why didn’t you?

Simple: you don’t have the time… the know-how… or the desire to grow a whole orchard of oranges. Nor do you have the facilities to sell it. But the orchard & café owner do, and they’re making a tidy profit as a result. This is no different…

  • You are helping the government save money by splitting up the land.
  • You are helping people find homes, by creating extra land.
  • & you are helping developers find ready-to-be-developed land.

… and just like the orchard owner and café, who make their money by facilitating the process from the seed to the juice on your table, you are being handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

When I say handsomely rewarded, I mean handsomely rewarded…

STOP climbing the long, slow ladder of success… & Take the Elevator to the Top

Almost nobody would choose to take the stairs to the top of a high-rise building, yet when it comes to creating wealth most people think they have to climb the ladder to the top, rung-by-rung.

But that’s just societal conditioning.

I’ve just shown you a new way, a faster way to get from where you are to where you want to be… that is quickly becoming known of within real estate circles as “the Ferrari of Wealth Creation”…

Do you want to join me for the ride of your life? Believe me, this incredible wealth creation vehicle is specifically designed to get you from where you are to where you want to be, faster than you ever imagined possible.



Compare this with how most people are investing right now…


It’s slow and painful – 25 years of struggling to work for a boss at a job you hate… spending hours every day commuting to and from work, stuck in traffic… while you pay off your home and perhaps eventually that investment property (which saps the life out of you on a daily basis) all becomes worth it in 20 or 30 years when you can retire.

The reality is most people walk away from it all with barely enough money to retire on, all while taking on substantial amounts of risk. This approach trumps negative gearing on so many different levels…

Negative Gearing Mark’s Speed Wealth System
Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt No debt
Meeting a mortgage every month No mortgage
Money out of your pocket every month No monthly payments
Save money in tax

Saving tax is stupid. You are only saving tax when you’re

losing money. My system is designed to help you make a profit

If the property market drops, you can lose a LOT of money You have the right, but not the obligation to Follow through on a purchase if the market drops. Minimal risks.
Takes a long time to turn a profit. Need to hold for 10-20 years. You can potentially turn a profit within months, even days (see the story above from Chris the tiler who made $15,000 from just 5 hours of work)
Higher risk Much lower risk

And when I say negative gearing carries a higher risk, I’m not joking: throughout the GFC, property markets across the country dropped by over 21%, with some markets like the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and ther coastal areas dropping by as much as 20%.

Whatever you decide, you need to nail down a strategy because…

WARNING: The government pension may be scrapped by the time you retire…

You can’t expect the government to look after you for much longer – the “sharpest minds in the country” have left our national economy in a $12 billion deficit. And even today, if you retire, the average person is pulling in about $16,500 a year… Yikes! That’s only $317 per week.

It’s not entirely their fault. In 2011, the oldest members of the baby boomer generation turned 65 years of age, marking the traditional end of their working years. And it’s only going to get worse – just take a look at this chart which showcases the number of people working for the number of dependents in Australia…


So while you undoubtedly have things you are looking forward to in retirement like travelling… going back to school… starting a small business… spending more time playing golf and fishing… buying a boat… making a sea change, etc…

Every single one of those things take money. And for the majority of Aussies, those “golden years” aren’t looking so rosy. In fact, according to research released by industry super heavyweight REST Industry Super…

A Whopping 86% of Australia’s 5.5 Million Baby Boomers are in Varying Degrees, Financially Under-Prepared for Retirement… Basically Broke.

But you don’t need to be the majority, because the “Property Options Turn Key System” will set you apart from the rest. Remember Don’s story I shared right at the get-go? 72 years of age, still in debt, on a pension… and with my system and just one deal, he became debt free for the first time ever in his life.

The big question is: What would a system that could set you up for retirement, like Don, within one year instead of twenty or thirty be worth to you?

What would it be worth to you to be able to fire your boss, and earn more in a few hours a week than you currently do slogging it out 40-50 hours a week for a boss that doesn’t appreciate you?

What would you do with all the extra money that hits your bank account? Buy a new car? Renovate your house? Go on a holiday? Send your kids to a private school?

It can be done, make no mistake about it.

What would you pay to really understand how to apply these secrets of the rich?




It’s hard to put a dollar figure on it… but it’s just gotta be worth at least $10,000, right?

Especially since I’m going to show you what I do to control millions of dollars’ worth of real estate, and prove…

You Could Potentially Be Just One Deal Away From Retirement

The good news is it’s not going to cost you $10,000. In fact, because I’m looking for some real “movers’n’shakers” to joint venture with right now…

I’m Going to Allow You To Access a Proven Turn-Key System for a Fraction of the Price

Yes, that means I’ll give you my time, my knowledge and my know-how in the “Property Options Turn Key System” for only $350/month!

Now, I’m going to give you as much detail as I possibly can, because my system works in real life and you’ll receive higher, more intensive learning, coaching and mentoring by me and my team at an extra cost.

But there’s a small catch. 

Until now, the real estate techniques I’ll be revealing in this course have been fiercely protected, and are among the most powerful and effective in the world.

Why? Because what you learn can change your life forever, as it has for many others.

This Will Be the Most Life-Changing Teaching of Your Life

Since I am going to be condensing my entire body of knowledge, the information is going to come at you thick and fast.

And you’ll want to catch every single morsel shared, because often, it is just one idea that puts hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket.

So You Have 2 Choices

One… put off the decision and keep doing what you’ve always done because it’s ‘comfortable.’ Continue to worry about how to pay the bills, work for a boss who doesn’t appreciate your talents (and reaps all the rewards from your hard work), struggle to make ends meet as you pay off your negatively geared investment property, and live a life based on limitation. But what’s that going to achieve? That’s going to cost you your lifestyle… it’s going to cost you your freedom… and it’s going to cost you your happiness.

Or two… Jump on board the “Property Options Turn Key System” to learn how to potentially get out of the rat race in as little as 12 months (instead of twenty) and become one of the fortunate few who can earn more in a month than most people earn in a year, go on holidays with your family to places like Fiji, the Greek Islands or Hawaii (sipping on a tropical cocktail as you check your email for new orders)… all the time being free of money worries, able to spend time on the hobbies you love and more time with your friends and family.

I know my system will shift your paradigm of what’s possible forever, and I can’t wait to doing a joint venture with you.


Mark Rolton


Whether you are a seasoned developer or a first timer, Development Scout will save you substantial time searching for development sites and enable you to determine the most profitable approach.

More Profitablemag

Development Scout identifies all developable opportunities, not just those currently for sale. This may save you thousands as you’re not competing against other buyers and paying at or above market value.

Properties may also be acquired under a delayed settlement, potentially saving you thousands in interest.

Controlling off market properties also allows you to conduct due diligence in your time frame.

MoreaccurateMore Accurate

Whether you’re considering developing a splitter, land subdivision, multi unit development, small commercial or industrial. Development Scout will take the challenge out of finding the right site to develop.

Development Scout is an online platform that searches 10.2 million properties to find potential development sites in only seconds. Using up-to-date land records, sales data and planning scheme zoning data sourced from government agencies, you can quickly identify a list of sites that meet your criteria.

save-timeSaves hundreds of hours with…

Instead of spending hours driving the streets trying to find large developable blocks, searching council websites for zoning maps or sifting through real estate web sites, sophisticated mapping tools allow you to visualize opportunities and potential issues affecting a site.

Save time by avoiding potential site visits, with property frontage images and tools to measure site attributes.

MapSearchMap Search

Because property development involves real estate, why not search from a map? Now you can. Focus on the features that effect the success of your development, by overlaying zoning maps, property boundaries, aerial photos, shopping centres, railway stations, bus stops, schools, hospitals, employment hubs and freeways.

Development Scout is the most comprehensive mapping database of every property in the country.

quickSearchQuick Search

Never miss another opportunity.

Quick search displays all properties matching your specific development criteria, not just those for sale. For the first time, you can now search by a combination of suburb, zoning and area range!
Now you can find all the developable sites within your suburb, for your next residential, commercial or industrial project.

mercWhy Develop?

Based on new data from the 2011 Census, there was a cumulative shortfall of 284,000 dwellings in Australia. With such a shortfall why not develop? You may acquire properties “at wholesale”, make large development profits, achieve better rental returns and take advantage of tax benefits.

Acquiring high quality properties with built in capital growth also helps you build your property portfolio faster.

DrilldowndeeperDrill Down Deeper

From the map you can select any property and open detailed sales information, past listing and rental history, streetview, title searches, map easements and contours.

You can also export property information to use in your own software.

PropertyResearchProperty Research

It’s often said you make your profit when you buy. Development Scout provides accurate property information to thoroughly research a property’s history.

Get all the facts on an individual property before buying, including historical sold, advertised and rental prices. View the street frontage in Streetview, order title searches and export critical information.

Create a list of recent sales within a specific distance from the site, to determine if you’re paying above or below the market. See who owns the property and who’s lodging planning applications surrounding the property, to get a strong understanding of the competition.

WhyuseZoningdataWhy use Zoning data?

Zoning is controlled by your local government authority, and its purpose is to prescribe exactly what the land can and can’t be used for.

To find out what may be developed you need to assess council’s planning policies for their preferred outcomes. For example areas near shopping centres and public transport may sometimes benefit from higher densities, so you may choose to develop town-houses, apartments or group dwellings. Local councils often modify or change zoning that’s why it pays to keep informed of any changes. But if you don’t have the time you can use our current zoning data sourced from Government agencies. *Restrictions apply in some states.

HowcanIavoidsiteinspectionsHow can I avoid site inspections?

Use our measurement tool to determine how you can maximize a property and save hours without having to do site inspections.

Measure the distance of a property’s street frontage, boundary setbacks, significant trees or proposed driveways, sewer, power, drainage etc.

HowMuchLandisDevelopableHow much land is developable?

Now it’s possible to sketch out the proposed developments’ footprint allowing for setbacks, driveways and private open space, as required by the council planning scheme.

The Area tool allows you to calculate a site’s useable space, site coverage, house, roads, sheds etc.

WillitSellWill it Sell?

People buy or rent in good locations, where there is transport, access to employment and facilities.

Development Scout displays shopping centres, railway stations, bus stops, schools, hospitals, employment hubs and
freeways, vital to buyers and tenants.

Using the ‘Points of Interest’ layer and measurement tool, you can measure the distance to all local infrastructure from your site, to support your development application and make the project more marketable.

My-PropertiesMy Properties

Track the progress of a property by adding notes and saving it to your personal favorites list.

Update any additional information about the site by opening it from your favorites.

market-researchMarket Research

Gather a thorough understanding of the market, to understand who is going to buy the finished product. Assess what the market wants in your locality and what type of property would sell or lease well.

Run reports to see what type of dwellings have sold and which have not, with past listing history. Identify the total number of property transactions for similar developments, to measure the depth of market and potential demand for your product.

Calculate your project’s price points and conduct competitive analysis on developers in your area, by searching for properties by owners name and recent sales of individual sites.

You can also view recent development applications surrounding your site and run the latest suburb growth statistics, demographics, median sales prices and number of sales.

mobileMobile Access

Available on iPhone, iPad & Android.

Search for individual property information, recent sales, properties for sale or rent and generate suburb growth charts.