Property Blackbook is Everything You Need To Succeed in Real Estate, including Premium Listings, Higher Commissions and Professional Marketing to Close More Sales!



No Prospecting!mag

Start by searching for the suburb, price or yield your buyer is looking for, then review each property, before sending them a brochure from your tablet, iphone or Android This was done without having to prospect for a new listing, complete an appraisal, visit the property, create a brochure or generate agency agreements

MoreaccurateClose More Sales

Property Blackbook also helps you close sales, by giving you access to hundreds of premium listings to meet your buyer’s needs. Now you can offer new properties in more locations and within the budget of more buyers.

save-timeSaves hundreds of hours with…

All time-consuming land and building contracts generated for you, simplifying the process and reducing your paperwork. You’re no longer trapped in the office doing unproductive administration tasks.

MapSearchOutsource Administration Tasks

We’re all about helping you in your day to day, so you get direct access to your own Property Aggregation Specialist and Contract Administrator. Our highly trained property professionals process all the time-consuming tasks and are on-call.

quickSearchHigh Converting Brochures

In under a minute you can now search for a property, review it, and send your client a brochure Our brochures are specifically designed to generate demand for the property, with high quality images, multi-media and important decision making information on the area

mercAttractive Revenue Model

We go beyond to deliver significantly higher revenue rates, almost double the industry standard. Our model is designed to reward high performing agents, with a generous renumeration structure.

DrilldowndeeperDeal Pipeline

We also offer a way to track the stage of all your deals and revenue so nothing’s overlooked. If a prospect’s going cold you’ll know about it, with our activity alerts. The app has all the benefits that come with a powerful and mobile opportunity management tool.

PropertyResearchQuality Offerings

You now have access to hundreds of new turnkey House and Land packages, through our extensive panel of residential builders. We conduct extensive due diligence on each property and recommend only those properties that meet our strict criteria.

WhyuseZoningdataMobile Presentations

Show your buyers properties and photo presentations on the spot, from any mobile device. Then email them a brochure before you leave.

HowcanIavoidsiteinspectionsBuyer Matching

You can search on any new properties matching your client’s criteria. Our ‘Buyer Matching’ module provides specific search parameters so you don’t miss an opportunity.


We work hard to deliver industry leading support services, designed to assist you in improving your bottom line.


We’re constantly upgrading Property Blackbook with new features like our recent client referral program and soon to be released lead generation tools, just to name a few.

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